Yes. Our cabins are handcrafted to order, and we are a small operation, but we always have a cabin or two on the go you're welcome to come to take a look at and pick our brains. We're in the Byron Shire.

Yes. You can stay the night at a Salty Cabin. This first cabin we build was for The Camp, our earth friendly escape. Check it out here.

We can provide you a price for free! Head over to the quote tab on our website here and submit a form at the bottom of the page.

Yes, we do both. This is a great way for people to undertake some DIY and save money in the process. However, we won’t build anything less than a Lockup Stage. We need to ensure the building is fully structurally engineered, watertight and secure.

Generally 6-12 weeks once building starts. We will chat delivery date when you're ready to place a order.

We only require a 20% deposit. This guarantees and secures a building slot and delivery date that suits you. Once the deposit is made, we can begin the design process, order your trailer, start the design process and your Tiny House journey together.

Just like a conventional caravan, our tiny houses come standard with a standard garden hose plug connection. It's that simple!!! Alternatively, we can offer Rainwater storage tanks and pumps at an additional cost allowing you to go off grid.

Yes, all our Tiny Houses are insulated. We use Earthwool Insulation bats R3.5 on walls and a double layer in the roof. We also offer insulated SMART glass and double glaze windows at an additional cost, greatly minimising the energy needed for heating and cooling.

Our cabins will weigh in between 3ton - 4.5ton depending on model and a few others specifications.

Buy off the shelf designs or commission a bespoke project suitable to your site and budget. We deliver bespoke architectural services and beautifully crafted, architect designed, energy neutral buildings. All our buildings are produced to the very highest standards and delivered whole and complete directly to your site. Every Salty Cabin has been crafted with the utmost respect for both our environment and the people we work with.

We do charge a refundable design fee to get you to work directly with our team. Once the design process is finalized we can then provide you with an accurate quote. If you then decide to build with us we will then refund you the full design fee.

Yes! All our designs can be customised/changed to suit your requirements. Just email us with the Design / Model and share your design ideas with us.

Carbon Neutral?

Salty Cabins are built almost entirely from sustainably sourced timbers, which means that carbon dioxide is captured in the fabric of the building and actively removed from the atmosphere, creating a carbon-neutral home. This mass timber housing construction method could become part of the solution to help reduce climate change. We monitor our carbon output and offset it through out .earth program.

Yes. All our cabins come standard off grid. We offer full off grid solar system packages that are designed to run your entire cabin including even air con systems, a variety of composting toilet options, gas water heating system and gas appliances, rainwater storage tanks, pumps, grey water systems and water filters. email us to chat more about off grid setups and possibilities.