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Cabin FAQ

Q: What does Salty Builds mainly do? 


A: We're manufacture modular and mobile cabins. Technically we are manufacturers though we do hold a building license also. 

Q: Do you construct Class 1 buildings under the National Construction Code? 


A: No, we don't build Class 1 buildings. It's tricky to manage from afar and deal with local council inspections and approvals. Although we do follow the NCC as a standard. We over engineer everything so we can sleep at night knowing your cabin is going to arrive to you as it left our workshop. 

Q: What are your cabins classed as? 


A: We build Manufactured Homes that follow the Manufactured Codes in the 2021 Local Government LG Regs.

Q: Does Home Warranty Insurance cover your operations?


A: No, Home Warranty Insurance doesn't cover us. We use Manufacturers Insurance instead.

Q: What does your Manufacturers Insurance cover?


A: It includes Construction Insurance, protects against Business Interruption, and covers our products for two years after delivery and installation.

Q: Is transportation included in your insurance?


A: No, our insurance doesn't cover transportation. That's handled and insured by the transport company we work with.

Cabin Building Slot Allocation Policy

1. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear and efficient process for allocating building slots for cabin sales, ensuring the best utilization of resources and timely project completion. 2. Scope This policy applies to all cabin sales and construction activities managed by Salty Cabins. 3. Policy Statement Salty Cabins is committed to a fair and efficient process for allocating building slots for cabin construction. To best protect our business interests and serve our clients effectively, we will not hold building slots in anticipation of potential sales. Instead, building slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, based on contract exchange. 4. Procedure ● Client Inquiry and Sales Process: When a client inquires about purchasing a cabin, our team will provide comprehensive information about the cabin options, pricing, and estimated timelines for construction in an as timely manner as possible. ● No Holding of Building Slots: Building slots will not be reserved or held without a formal contract and payment of deposit. This policy ensures equal opportunity for all clients and efficient use of construction resources. ● Contract Exchange: Once a client decides to proceed with a purchase, a contract will be prepared and exchanged. This contract formalizes in conjunction with a deposit paid will triggers the allocation of a building slot. ● Allocation of Building Slot: Upon contract exchange, we will allocate the next available building slot to the client. The allocation will be based on the current schedule and availability, ensuring the most efficient use of resources. ● Communication of Schedule: The client will be promptly informed about the allocated building slot and the expected timeline for the commencement and completion of their cabin construction. 5. Flexibility Clause In exceptional circumstances, where project scheduling or resource availability changes, Salty Cabins reserves the right to adjust building slots as necessary. Clients will be informed of any such changes at the earliest opportunity. 6. Client Satisfaction We are committed to client satisfaction and will endeavor to accommodate client needs within the framework of this policy, ensuring transparency and fairness in the allocation process. 7. Review and Amendments This policy will be reviewed annually and may be amended to reflect changes in business operations or market conditions. 8. Approval This policy is approved by David WIlkinson and is effective as of 11/12/2023.

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