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Cabin FAQ

Q: What does Salty Builds mainly do? 


A: We're manufacture modular and mobile cabins. Technically we are manufacturers though we do hold a building license also. 

Q: Do you construct Class 1 buildings under the National Construction Code? 


A: No, we don't build Class 1 buildings. It's tricky to manage from afar and deal with local council inspections and approvals. Although we do follow the NCC as a standard. We over engineer everything so we can sleep at night knowing your cabin is going to arrive to you as it left our workshop. 

Q: What are your cabins classed as? 


A: We build Manufactured Homes that follow the Manufactured Codes in the 2021 Local Government LG Regs.

Q: Does Home Warranty Insurance cover your operations?


A: No, Home Warranty Insurance doesn't cover us. We use Manufacturers Insurance instead.

Q: What does your Manufacturers Insurance cover?


A: It includes Construction Insurance, protects against Business Interruption, and covers our products for two years after delivery and installation.

Q: Is transportation included in your insurance?


A: No, our insurance doesn't cover transportation. That's handled and insured by the transport company we work with.

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