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We build carbon-neutral, off-grid modular CABINS + TINY HOMES, delivered to your door—Australia wide.


The Traveller Cabin is lightweight and mobile.
From -$71,400


A studio-style tiny house on wheels. Perfect weekender, guest house or AirBNB.
From -


This 5.5 meters long tiny was designed for 1-2 people looking for a starter home, or a perfect getaway holiday batch.
from $119,125

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10.10.07 pm.png

A studio-style cabin. Perfect weekender, guest house or AirBNB.
From - $

PETIT MAISON 21_edited.jpg

The Petite Maison tiny house design is ideal for young families wanting to build their first home or a spacious Airbnb for tourists!

From -$152,820

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